Here’s what I know about you:

You've built your digital healthcare or wellness organization with one major goal - to transform healthcare for the people you serve.

You have a massive vision and you know that getting there means bringing the right people, programs and processes together to reach the people you want to help.

I've made it my goal to be one of those people.


Hi! I’m Beth Thomas, licensed Pharmacist and certified nutritionist passionate about helping women to achieve optimal health through all the stages of their lives. After years of successfully developing programs and resources to help women one-to-one, I now help digital health companies leverage effective, evidence-based content, course, and collaboration solutions for faster growth and bigger impact.

I've been passionate about helping women to thrive with their health for a long time.

I struggled with my weight for my whole childhood.

I remember being on the basketball team and riding the bench.

Yes, I was that kid.

I remember being bullied mercilessly by other kids because of my weight.

My wakeup call came 8 years ago.  I had bought a pair of pink pants that I loved, but they didn’t fit.

I hung them on my closet door where I could see them every day.

I needed to fit into those pants.

So, I got a personal trainer and started working out. I started paying attention to what foods I was putting into my mouth and I educated myself around everything that had to do with weight loss. 

I started to realize that while moving my body during exercise made me feel good, it was the food that I was eating that was really making a difference on the scale . So, I started leveraging everything I’d learned about nutrition to lose weight — and I haven’t looked back since.

In fact, I not only lost the weight, but kept it off for the past eight years and counting.

I knew that I couldn't keep what I had learned to myself, so I paired my training in pharmacy and nutrition to create proven programs to help women lose weight and improve their metabolic health outcomes.

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